[I] Love The Burn

I stuck my hand in the fire and I got burned

Despite the pain that I felt, I guess I never learned

I do not take time after losing love for the healing of my heart

Sticking my hands back in the fire is a work of art

I never was one to conform or to settle for less

When I found you, I was certain that you were the best

Like usual I thought you were my soul mate

I thought we were meant to be from the hands of fate

Playing games with my own mind

Cannot simply stay sane

Acting on an impulse,

While most stay safe inside from the rain

We had fun, I mistook that for love

Darlin' it is wrong to exuse me of ever giving up on being tough

I have been walked on, bruised and bled dry

I cannot compromise because I cannot live a lie

and I will always stick my hand in the fire because I love the burn

I guess I am just a foolish girl who will never learn

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in November 07

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Pretty Little Pain Whore's picture

This poem is AMAZING, but then, I love ALL your work.
This one is oh-so-true, it's exactly how 'love' goes, and I also couldn't help but 'innuendo-ise' the bit about loving putting the hand in the flame - sorry, I do it alot!
Hope you are well, take care,