Maybe I should Say Goodbye


Maybe I chased you as far as I could

Maybe I wasited as long as I should

Maybe I held on far too long

Maybe I should just let go and be strong

[I fall for you over and over again

Then we fall apart

And the cycle begins

Let go and holding on

I cant keep repeating

I cant keep taking the beating]

Maybe I should say goodbye

Maybe goodbye is for the best

Maybe I should stop living this lie

Maybe this love should take a rest

repeat [...]

Maybe I should admit this hurts

Instead of submitting to the pain

Maybe I should confess this doesnt work

I just want to stop the pain...

repeat [...]

Maybe I should say goodbye

Hug you tight and walk away

Hold my head up high

But goodbye is just something I cant say...

repeat [.....]

Maybe I should say goodbye....

But goodbye is something I just cant say

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Essence Breshante Scott's picture

This is really good, but sad...