You Save Me



Baby you save me

Time after time

Everytime I run away

You are the one I find

You save me from myself

And from the cold, cruel world

Oh baby, You save me...

Verse 1:

The night we first met

I was running wild and free

Harming myself, which no one could see

Hating the life that I had to live

Wondering how much more time I could give

Wanting to give up and lose the fight

You were there

and You saved my life

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2:

More time went by and life just got harder

Love came to me

But the distance tore me apart

My heart hadnt yet healed from past romances

Regretfully I let go of many chances

Wanting to give up

Tired of it all

Waiting for the day

When my whole world would fall

But you were there

and You saved me

Repeat chorus:

Verse 3:

You were always there for me

When I was lost, hurt and confused

You saved me fom myself

When I had nothing else to lose

A terrible tragedy hid under the surface

All strength I had was given to me by you

You were always there for me

You saved me

Repeat chorus:


Baby, You mean the world to me

I love and cherish all I have done for me

You save me

Oh, You always save me

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