A Field Of Innocence

Theres a field of innocence,

where we used to go,

childish and free,

we could go there recklessly,

we could break free from these fences

where we are now stuck,

we could always get away,

didn't have to worry about anyone stepping on our dreams,

our hearts never got broken,

nor ripped at the seams,

we believed in everything,

and it didn't matter if it was real or not,

we spent time with our friends,

and time wasnt a worry,

but times have changed,

we grow up,

gain responsiblities,

love comes in, changing everything,

and now we have a hard time believing in anything,

a field of innocence turned into

a field of endless guilt

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Afzal Shauq's picture

sure when some one is proud and never care for others... will be cruel to innocnet hearts and love feelings as ... it's a well done poem, composition of words are soo great and idea is rich enough... love it...