Beauty Turned Foe

"Part your lips a little bit more," he told her,

Blush and smile when they take you away, Soon, you'll be a star

The bite marks will fade with time,

soon enough you will be fine

such a beautiful mess,

she always gets in to trouble

day by day, it seems her troubles are seeing double

She falls across the stage,

screaming out in rage,

she loathes all she has become,

such a lovely mistake,

and she has had all that she can take

she quit, now she will never be a star,

she has to go back to before she shined,

back to when she was tied in a cage

She's stuck reading the same old page

she never learned a thing,

except how to walk and curtsey and pose

now it seems her fate has turned

back to learning she must go

seems her beauty had turned into a foe

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