Distant Paths:::

September 07

Our paths may never cross now

But what about our hearts

Don't you remember all our sacred vows

Are  you going to let a little distance break us apart

We said all these things to each other, that I never thought could be

and I promised you my heart when I thought there was nothing left

I was always so sure that you were the one for me

I always thought you were a miraculous gift

You gave me a reason to go on

That hope that you gave me made me happy that I finally found you

But sometimes you end up being wrong

and that happened with us, but I wonder still why we stood together through all we had to be put through

If it werent for our distance what would be

Would I be in love with you

Would you still be in love with me

I guess now we will never know what could have happened

I guess we will never know a love as true

I know that if it were not for this distance

I would no longer be lonely, I would no longer be blue

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