No Hope [for a cure]

September 07

Tears on the outside would make me weak

So I will hide them and pretend it is not hard to speak

Living with depression unable to shake

I will do whatever to get rid of it, whatever it takes

I tired to hold on to at least a bit of hope

But there are days when It is too hard to cope

So I will take the blade and jab it in

Let the happiness sing with sin

I know it is self destructive and yes I take the blame

but I should let it be known I do not feel any shame

I do not do it for attention, just to feel better

Since I have no hope in a cure

This is who I am

Take me or leave me just how you found me

I am not changing for you

I am fine with things you they are, you see

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Pretty Little Pain Whore's picture

VERY good piece.
Great words, and I could relate to it too, as I used to cut myself, first during episodes of clinical depression (I suffer from manic depression), then later because I realised I got immense gratification - sexual and otherwise - from experiencing physical pain (algolagnia, masochism). I now get the physical pain I need so much in other ways, ways that do not involve cutting up my skin and leaving horrendous keloid scars, which I have all over every inch of both of my arms (but I'm sure you didn't wanna know that, I'm just letting you know that you're NOT alone, 'cos sometimes it helps to have others to talk to who have been there and know where you're coming from).
Hope you're feeling ok today, take care,