**My Love For You:::**

September 07

It is tattooed on my heart

and sewn upon my sleeve

My love for you, eternally

It will never leave

It is dancing amongst the clouds

and spelled out in the sky

My love for you goes on forever,

That is not a lie

It is in th elong journey that lies ahead

and that goes on for miles

My love for you is long lasting

and you can see it in my smile

It is in the song that is on the radio

That reminds me of you

My love for you still shines on,

in everything I do

It is in the breeze that gently flows

On a warm summer day

My love will always last,

It will always be this way

and It is tattooed on my heart

and it is sewn upon my sleeve

I can promise you now and forever

That I will never leave

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