How We Found The End::

September 07

You say that you do not blame me,

if my feelings for you come out in hate

But there is no use in that

Because now it is too late

We dragged our love out as long as we could

Promised each other things, when we never should

and I say I do not know why you ever saved my heart

It was just a hopeless task

Because I just grew dependent on you

and love was just way too much to ask

We both said things that were sacred

Things that I would normally hide

on the back of the highest shelf

and you told me things unknown to even your closest friend

and I will never forget that you did save me from my self

We had so many things in common,

so much we were suprised

The thing we had in common the most

Was hearts unable to mend

I think that is why we found all the lies

and I am afraid that is how we found the end

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