Hello Heartache::::

September 07

Hello heartache,

I can see you are back again

You left me for a while

But here you come waltzing in wearing that famous smile

What are you doing back here

I thought you left me for a reason

I had found someone to erase ever tear

But to see you back means only one thing, the end of a season

And with the tears pouring from my eyes

I can tell that season is love

Tell me was it all just lies

Is there really a heaven above

So hello heartache, I hope you can answer my question

That I wish I didnt need to ask

Why couldnt you just pretend he didnt leave

That is not a hard task

I could have easily chose to believe

But since you are back in my life again

I cannot pretend that it is hard to take

I must let go of pride and let you in

and I hope this is the last time I will have to say,

Hello heartache

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