I know of a man with a thorn in his heart,

who seems far off in a world apart.

No matter how close I want to be,

he seems to want to run amay from me.

To be close, would it cause him great pain

and force him to never go in the light again.

Oh, how I wish I relieve his pain.

If only he would open his heart and hopefully

see how free he could be,

if only the thorn wasn't so deep.

Not only does the thorn hurt him, but it aslo

hurts me. So much it fact, that theres a scar

on my heart where he used to be.

Now all the memories of how close we used to

be, are now just faded dreams.

How the thorn got there in his heart and dug

down deep, I will never know.

I wish I could take that thorn away,

that gives him so much pain.

But only the mender of hearts knows how to do so,

how to fix a heart with a thorn.

If only he would allow him to do so,

to remove the thorn that cause him great pain

and to be close to me once again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

December, 06, 2013

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