Words Are Never Enough

From 2008 and on

I wish I could write a song

To explain it

I wish I could say the words

To change it

But words are never enough

There's no song to describe my love

You used to be mine

And Fate was so kind

Then a dance in the rain

And it was never the same

Even as we said goodbye

I wanted you back

To give it another try

But we never got that

Now years have gone

But I feel the same for you

Yes, I do

Do you know that?

Could anything I write

Ever make you feel that?

My love goes on and on

Like the ticks of a clock

Like the waves of the sea

I promised you, do you remember?

That if I said I loved you, it would be forever

It feels like there's more to say

But words get in the way

And are never enough

So there is no way

To let you know, baby

What my heart has to say

Because words are never enough

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