Balance The Boat

 Titanic Is the all known                                                                                                 

these miseries are always look back on!

sorrow! tears! glooms!

mediterranean sea

the day of ''Balance the Boat''

you'll still live in my memory


Everyday i listen to the cries

like a song

still hear you'll loudly


Let's move some left

Let's move some right                                                             

Balance the boat

Left and Right

move some up!

move some down!

Balance the boat

Left and Right


 No! no!! no!!!

Not there , Come here,

The boat is over loaded '' JESUS''

O' God save your children

O' God protect and guide us.


Ooh! people please 'n' please Oh!

Let's balance the boat

Stop screaming

form up 10 move to the left

form up 10 move to the right

just balance the boat

both left 'n' right


Up and down the boat goes

wave to the right

wave to the left


Keep yourselves strong together

put some hope, put some trust in God

by his grace we'll make it safe all,

Just balance the boat

left and right.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Seriously thinking of the poeple we lost to the sea all around the world, some of whom i know , and those that i don't, some of these people are leaving their home countries to excape from the war, others for greenar pasture due to the poverty back down in their own land.. what ever their intentions for struggling to make it to the other your memories is ''BALANCE THE BOAT''  written


Note Balance the Boat is a true life story.

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