''In a blink of eye''.

They  both cum and collapse

hug on each other  dead there, while breathing

Imagine what a long work day,

As' he listen to her heart panding repeatedly' fast,

like a jet taking a round tour.


He kiss her fourhead, his two big palms teasing her hair,

from benit she took a deep breath

Now they  looking at each others eyes,

their naked  body  still tied as one, with words unspoken.



He still have him all in her

suddely he slowly pick himself up , ''Whoa like a wholf''

they both coma to life again


She sort of feel like that, when she lookt at him

a lion eating his pray with pride

the gentle giant  she can make ''roar''


And give the stars, the moon and the ocean

send him to the mounting pick ''in a blink of eye''


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