Morning Glory

Ruby red tendrils,

How you caress me so.

Wrapping me in your liquid desire,

Frame my body with your hellfire glow.

Sapphire orange wavelengths,

How you steal away my heart.

Kissing me with heaven’s grace,

Celestial passion is thy art.

Such warmth inside this body,

Teases desire inside a shivering soul.

All these new found passions burning,

Throw me beyond my self control.

What bright and wondrous feelings,

Encase me as I steal away the frigid night.

A blissful arousal slowly hovering,

As I writhe aflame with my inspiring delight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I created this poem for a contest where we were asked to describe a picture that could either be described as a sunrise or sunset. I hope you enjoy it!

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