Looming Shadows of Slitting Knives

When I look up I see the clouds
dripping blood and tears and sweat
down and down and down and down.
And I see them there.
Those faces.
And I see them hidden in the clouds.
And they look at me-
-right at me,
right into my soul.
And I cry and I yell and I scream
But they only smirk
and turn back into clouds.

When I look down I see the ground,
a gaping maw filled with teeth,
tastebuds hungry for my fear,
thirsty for my sorrow.
And those glinting teeth start to rot
and my feet are sinking in.
I yelp and I squeal-
-like a pig,
But the jaws only close
and form ground once again.

When I look forward I see a man,
a black-hooded figure who calls himself "Death",
nothing but bones, a grin and a cloak.
And I address him, "Death!"
And he turns his head slowly.
"Death!" I repeat. "Which way do I go?"
And he looks to the sky,
and down to the ground
and then straight at me.
"It doesn't matter." He replies.
"You'll never die."

And I wake up alone
in a hospital bed
covered in blood.

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MI6killer's picture

Wow thats really really

Wow thats really really intense. I really like it though its very nicely written. Very good visuals. It grabbed my attention. I couldn't stop reading for the life of me. Very nice job.

Go-a-Green-a's picture

Thank you very much. :)

Thank you very much. :)