Dear Time

Dear Time,

I'm afraid I don't understand
your lack of understanding.
It's simple, you see,
what I want, I mean.
All I want is your skill,
your ability to turn the clocks.
You can do that, correct?
Turn time around?
Send me back.
That's all I want,
all I wish,
all I'll ever ask for.
Send me back.
Back where?
You should know,
how could you not?
You know what I want to prevent
so let me stop it.
Let it be undone.
Let me go back!
Send me back.
Just lend me a clock.
I'll be of no bother.
Let me turn the hands around.
Don't tell me you can't,
you CAN!
I know you can!
Just let me go back.

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Hey, i really like your

Hey, i really like your poem.

what did you want to prevent ? :D