Death's Melting Clock


It's torture of a different kind,
become a toy that all can wind.
Words of deep tormenting cries,
bleeding truth and taking lies.
Monster found in store-bought souls,
plastic faces, figure molds.
Pick your favourite tasteless candy,
Share with friends to suit their fancy.
Watch it alter blissful minds,
watch it leave the sun behind.
Through a straw of blood and sweat,
nasty games you won't forget.
Try it once, just go ahead,
teeth like moss and feet like lead.
Swim away before you drown,
hurry now, don't turn around.
You don't need it (yes you do),
it's lost the battle (still has you).
The last escape, just one more try,
peaceful now... no time to cry.
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Wrote this fairly quickly, I

Wrote this fairly quickly, I hope it's alright.

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Oh wow it's just beautiful I

Oh wow it's just beautiful I did enjoy this. =)


Rating: 5/5

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Thank you. I'm glad. :)

Thank you. I'm glad. :)

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Can someone please review

Can someone please review this poem?