Of The Fallen Spirit

-Concrete grass-

-Fatal slash-

-Of what you stash-

Alone again.
Fought the war.
Right here again.
Life so poor.

A pool of blood.
Bring in the flood.
Laugh at me
-one more time-
Go, just take it!
-My last dime-

-Such an unseen vision-
The sun has risen,
brand new day.

You bite
                                         -I sigh-
You fight
                                         -I cry-
This ain't no dream
                                         -I'm gonna scream-

One more person from this world.
Mind so twisted, body curled.

The knife
                                         -The life-
The dead
                                         -The dread-

Thoughts unspoken,
left unsaid.
Hurry now,
it's turning red.

A body broken
-mine, perhaps-
A bell is tollin'
-Drop down, collapse-

No more to take!
Tell me,
when will I awake?

                                      -Of dripping stems-
                                      -Of life's stitched hems-



And to the abyss below.

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Sometimes life will kick you

Sometimes life will kick you when you're down. This is a poem about everything life throws at you and how sometimes, you can only take it.