Live For The Sake Of Life

I don't go with the flow,
I swim against the current,
up the waterfall,
climb those slippery rocks,
one slight misstep'll kill ya,
well, who the hell cares,
I'm going for the top.

I don't write love-at-first-sight poems,
those poems known as 'happy endings',
those love stories with no betrayal,
no real passion, no bleeding hearts.
What's the point of that?
That's not life. That's not real life!

Break the bricks upon your knuckles,
you say you can't? I say you can,
you're just to scared to try it.
Haven't you ever lived?

Forget authority,
I don't need it
(don't want it)
'cause I'm just gonna be me,
forget what you think,
forget the majority,
I'll live in the moment,
and watch the future come.
The past is done.

Why don't you live it?
Why don't you just let it GO!
Life don't need no cowards,
let's hear it for the dreamers,
the wonders of living,
those whose eyes are OPEN!

Rules, I know they're there for a reason,
I will obey the majors
but I won't take government's word on everything.
I'll take my word,
won't take yours, you know why?
I'm gonna live my life.

Sure, I'll need advise,
you can give it.
I don't have to take it.
I'll live for the sake of living,
Maybe you should take my advise instead.

Oh, God, I'm gonna live it!
I'm gonna take each day and make it count.
Maybe I'll save the world.
Don't tell me I can't dream.

No, how wrong you are,
I think about death all the time.
'Cause one can't truly appreciate life,
without realizing the presence of death.

Wanna bet?
I'll take you on,
go ahead, say your words,
tell me what is and isn't,
I'll tell you your reality is all in your head,
don't believe me?
Don't you see? There's too much life,
too much love,
for this all to be pointless.

Yes, there's greed,
yes, there's hunger,
yes, there's war
and fear
and pain
and everything wrong with everything.
So why don't you GET UP!
If all this worries you so much,
DO something!

Me, I'm gonna live.
I'm gonna try,
I'm gonna really try
to fix this world.
Yeah, I'm one person,
yeah, maybe I'll never make it,
but I swear by God,
I'm gonna live,
My life will count!
You have my word,
I'm gonna count!

Trust me on this.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes you just gotta forget about authority, forget about your own troubles and live! Make your life count! Do something with it!

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sanctus's picture

the context and the subtle

the context and the subtle usage of words makes this a worthy poem to read

Go-a-Green-a's picture

Thank you. :)

Thank you. :)