If Anyone Thinks Like Me

Almost always,
I don't think there's anyone
Who is like me.
No one thinks the same,
Sees the same,
I just can't make people
See it through my eyes.

But don't you understand?
Impossible is just a word,
Just a word.
It doesn't mean anything.

Can't you see?
How everything's got wonder?
How everything just fits?
How it just works into the world?
Don't you see how amazing it all is?
I suppose no one cares....

Have you ever gazed out the window,
Wondered what it might be like,
Had you been born somewhere else,
What affect that might have,
You wouldn't be you,
Wouldn't think the same way.

I dream of rain falling upward,
Ice encasing the sky,
The vast blue oceanic abyss,
The magnificence of flight.

Do you understand my words?
Does anyone?
I wonder if anyone can read my mind,
If they can, they must be lost.

I wonder when the sky fell,
When it split people from the herd,
The ones who dare to think a different way,
I wonder where they're hiding.
I must be lost.

I swear no one gets it,
I swear no one understands,
Too bent on seeing,
Not believing,
They'll never get it.

What is a Utopia?
It's a word,
Just a word,
It doesn't exist,
Never in life.
Then why does the word exist?
I'll tell you,
It's a word for what we create in our minds,
What we each deem blissful,
What our perfect worlds may be.
It's the word to describe something great,
Something better,
Because you're not human
If you don't hope and wish for something better,
Something that may seem impossible,
But these are all just words,
Your mind brings them to life.

Don't you understand?
Can't anyone hear me?
Anyone at all?

Is there anyone who thinks like me?
Who dreams by day and night,
Is there anyone who just takes flight,
Spread your glowing wings,
Forget about logic,
Just for a moment.

Is there anyone who wonders why
Everything is the way it is?
Is there anyone who sees the world
For what it is and isn't?
For what it could be,
For what it might be?

I dream all day,
I write all night,
Nothing that really makes sense,
Only what comes into my mind,
I don't think I've ever
Planned it all out,
Just wrote for the moment,
What ever I feel like putting down.
All those provoking thoughts,
The ones I've lost,
I need to find.

Can you read my mind?
All those jumbled, scattered turns,
The brick walls and open spaces,
The asylum and the logic.
I swear all writers
Have minds like that,
Like papers thrown on desks,
Like notebook pages filled,
Stories waiting to burst out,
And the lost ones,
Hiding somewhere,
Looking to be found.

I swear the moon and sun are linked,
The birds and bats combine.
I swear the world is not what it seems,
That, really, we know nothing,
And I know there's someone
Who's thought these thoughts,
Ridiculous they may be.

Half the time I make my own answers
To the questions no one asks.
Please tell me I'm not the only one
Who dreams day after day,
Who writes night after night,
Please tell me I'm not the only one,
Please tell me more take flight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Every feel like there's no one in the world with a mind like yours? I do. All the time.

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outstanding write. 

outstanding write.