When Nothing Makes Sense

The sky fell today,
The clouds bled and dripped,
The sun cracked in half.

The darkness got me,
The terror struck me.
But I don't know what's going on.

Writing between the lines.
I'm not making any sense,
Or am I?
Speaking in the language of silence,
Reading minds, not lips.
The angels chase me,
The demons save me,
I just can't get to the big picture.

The world snapped like a twig today,
Cracked like an egg,
Ate me whole.
And I still can't make sense of the words I wrote down.
When the point is hidden,
When the story don't make no sense,
You have to write between the lines.
Write the story
As you would tell it.

We're all mad.
Everything's insane.
Just the same thing
And over
And over.
And I still can't make this poem make sense.
Maybe I just need,
To write what isn't in my head,
To read what I can't find.
To write
For the sake of writing.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please ignore the fact that all the letters at the start of each line are capitalized, my computer was doing that for some reason and I couldn't shut it off.

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good job

pleasant to know i am not the only one. I like it if that counts for much.

Go-a-Green-a's picture

It counts for quite a bit,

It counts for quite a bit, considering the fact that you're the first person to comment on any of my work on this website. :D Thank you!

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have you tried posting them

have you tried posting them in the cafe' forum it gets the best results i've noticed