There are times,

I just want to lay in my bed

But thoughts block sleep,

As they whirl in my head

So i toss, and i turn

Stare at the ceiling

Rattle my brain

Wrap it around what I am feeling.

Most of the time,

They don’t even make sense

I don’t understand myself

But, in my defense!

I don’t understand anyone else

Just the same

I should be more observant

So only I am to blame

I think about things,

As i toss and turn, in the night

Sometimes to the point

That i can spot the mornings light

That’s the price you pay

When you over-think everything

Wondering what

Each new day would bring

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Godea's picture


I LOVE THIS!:) Keep up the good work

willow's picture


I feel a lot like this sometimes

Can't argue i haven't been sleepless at night

And I toss and I turn just as you might

'Till the sound of wind chimes

Bring me to sleep..