There is a Song

There is a Song .....


I sing my song, and hope.

That some ,may hear the words.

All I seek freedom.

Freedom...... from this curse.

I know not why it is?

It just, merely is......

So I ask for freedom.

And hope, you hear my words.



Which I brought for some

Now haunts me in my dreams

Haunts me like a curse

I know not why it is....

It just, merely is.....

So I ask for freedom.

And hope, you hear my words.



Giajl © Jim Love 


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willow's picture

"I sing my song and hope that

"I sing my song and hope that some may hear the words" - what a tender verse! This is a wonderful poem and although I haven't had the time to read many of your poems, I find that they reflect the lessons you've learned throughout your life! Thank you for sharing such heartfelt poetry with us!!! 

All the best to you and your family,






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A Forgotten song... Perhaps

Unfortunately the family only consists of moi these days Willow.

no not learning many lessons at all truth be known. I continually make the same mistake but take a different 

route to achieve it each time.

thank you for taking the time to stop by read and have a word .

Paratrooper's don't die........ they go to Hell and regroup!!!

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I'm sorry to hear that but

I'm sorry to hear that but I'm very happy that you took the time such an honest and humble answer! In my eyes, you carry more lessons that you are aware of which show through your poetry. As for your mistakes, everyone makes 'em.. You just gotta remember the sign posts so that they don't lead you down the same road twice :) It's really nice to meet you :3 Talk to me anytime :D

All the best,