Falklands 82

The flora,the fauna

The Canberra’s sauna

Horses and sheep.

To sing you to sleep.

You smell of shit

Your body’s sweat.

No birds, no bee’s

No trees no leaves.

5,000 penguins

Fill the beaches

The hills, the houses

The ships.

5 Bde

Is finally here.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Johnny come lately's had arrived.They were slow to get off the luxury liner QE2.
But now that they were there,it was like they were conquering hero's.
Just a bit of resenment from me.!!!!

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shirley's picture

Jim, I have to show my ignorance here, *blush*, I do not know what this means, "5 Bde Is finally here." I love the rest of the poem, so understanding this final stanza would wrap it all up beautifully, (i believe), for me. Sincerely, Shirley