Falklands 82

Sitting  waiting in the gloom ,

of the crowded  room ,

A pair of amber eyes,

seemingly floated past.

Having appeared out of thin air.

The smoky grey fur,

    helped him melt into the shadows .

Rendered him , virtually invisible.

On reaching his place of vantage

He sat quietly preening himself, unafraid ,

arrogantly waiting .

Our very own Cheshire like cat .

The tongue lazily working it’s way ,

along the length of it’s left front paw.

It stopped,staring directly into his eyes.

Sending shivers down his spine ,

the cat was just biding his time.

Til every one went to sleep .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This cat developed a taste for human flesh.
Some of the lads woke up to find it on their chests.
Stephen King stuff I can tell you.

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gentle's picture

I just loved this piece!! For one who lives with 4 feline enigmas, this was definitely worth the read. Thank you Amy

Gentle is the night♥