Falklands 82

I’m better than he ,

Better kit ,

Better trained ,

Better fed , Better led.

I’m better than he .

I’m a professional .

A MERE conscript is he .

No specialized training , no mission in life .

Mother , father ,sister , perhaps a wife .

I’m better than he .

To the death then .

For this pile of sheep’s dung .

All for the woman with the Tory blue rinse .

The smoke fills your lungs .

The whistling shrieks , fill your ears .

I’m better than he .

You scurry forward , under covering fire ,

The lifeless eyes see not as you go .

I was better than he .

Death has no second best .

But was he really the foe ? .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I often wonder who we fought the Falklands War for.
The Islanders,
The Politicians,
or individuals personal adgenda's.

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Paige Foster's picture

wow... I hope the girl that you are fighting for is well worth the fight.