The Road is Long....





The Road is Long....


 My friends.

 Do not think of me, and weep.

 For I'm not gone, I merely sleep.

 ... I see you all, as you see me.

 A youth, and in my prime, carefree.

 Until .......again we meet.

 Raise for me a glass then,

 And from it, drink deep.

 There I'll meet you in your dreams.

 As a lover, friend or brother.

 Before again, I search out.

 The warriors path...... that leads,

 To Valhalla !

 Giajl © Jim Love 


Warren Point  27/08/79

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ramonathompsont's picture

brought tears to my eyes.

brought tears to my eyes. very moving!


Well done!

Stephen's picture

His poems are always like that.

But that I could have such talent.