I'm Too.... Old, To Sit

I’m too.... old, to sit


To listen to lullaby’s.
To comfort me and aid my sleep.
Or have the touch of soft hands, ...
sooth my brow.
‘‘Tis alcohol I need !
To slay my demons, and kill my dreams.
For, there’s a wish out there.....
Somewhere, in the void.
That’s been forgotten .....
And it lays within the dust.
In the midst, of dead men’s bones.
And drink fuelled conversations.
Where melancholy, is my want.
Where the shadows of heroes
Are long and dark
And I am lost

Amongst the darkness.
Giajl © Jim Love

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Stephen's picture

I have not had a drop of alcohol for 25 years.

From time to time I still long for an alcohol fueled conversation with another who is also full of it discussing whatever enters our minds. There is no other experience wuite like that.     ---    Stephen