I Too Once Thought, That

April 2018

I Too Once Thought, That 


Beds are to share


to ........dream in.

I have neither, a use, for.

Don’t tell me, that, you love me.

For I am lost, deep, within the night.

And I know not, what you mean.

I’m searching, for trøst. 

And an end, to these dreams.

I’m looking, for a sunrise.

That lasts until Ragnarök.


Fair thee well, world. 

I’m off, to that lonely bed.

And should my sleep, be deep enough.

And perchance I’d not wake ?

Remember me

should you care....

For lying alone


I might die young.


Giajl © Jim Love  

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Ground's picture

Now I gotta look up the meaning of Ragnarök

I hope you have good dreams when you sleep this eve. No dying too young.


© Ground