I Always...... Loved You


I Always...... Loved You


And your beauty 

Brought a smile.

But you faded from my life.

Perhaps it was for the best.

For it was my dream, not yours.

Of what I couldn’t give you.

And you flew away.

I’ll never deny another, their happiness.

No matter, the cost, 

even if, to ........mine.

And could, I live forever ........

Would I want to, without you ?

Mayhap..... in strange way.

I always will.

For you touched my soul.

Undying in perpetuity.

I thought, that you’d, knew !

My tears, should have told you.

My words shown you.

Too late now, for....

My heart, has stopped. 



My sadness, is but hollow. 


Giajl © Jim Love  

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This one is sad. Always live the way you write though. :)

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