It’s, Sometimes......

September 2017


It’s, Sometimes...... 


I think.

I should just take, the memories, and 


There being nothing left, here.


But .....

I see the echo, of your shadow..... 

In every room.

Which brings a silent smile.

My heart stops, with each and,

every sigh.

And one day, the moment .......

Will last




Giajl © Jim Love 

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yoda's picture


where exactly is here, when your worda take readers from here to there via your reference to such places

the memories run from, such place / to another such place where the memories once belong. where also what then or memories? tardis?


giajl's picture


what you see you get after is your perception I just put the shit to paper sometimes even I don’t know where I’m going or where I’ve Been 

Paratrooper's don't die........ they go to Hell and regroup!!!