Love Has Been a Bit of a Tristé

September 2017

Love Has Been a Bit of a Tristé 


And while I’m still searching.

Searching, for a .......reason.

All my pillows, are on .....the floor.

Of all the stars that lit sky.

I chose you .......

Why would I say that ?

When that angel fell to earth.

I caught her.

And, why did I do that ?

I plucked you from the heavens.

And I’m still searching.....

For my worlds now husht.

And I’m in the circle.

Mesmerised by your beauty. 

You ravished my heart.

A fallen angel ....

All the way 


From Hell.


Giajl © Jim Love 

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yoda's picture

Guess i have to say

where angels play,

in poetry,

or then maybe,

devilish seen be,

your langauge,

led to investigating,

Tristé  also husht,

and yet the videos on youtube wont play,

i guess i understand in a way. 

nice work, thanks