Shhh...Your Beauty was So, Delicate

October 2016

Shhh...Your Beauty was So, Delicate


In my lust.

I was crushed, by your passion.

And I'm thinking, of a place,

that you used to....., fill, 

within my life.

Of hollow, I now feel.

That you've gone.....

And, in thinking about you.

There is no sunrise, nor sunset, 

that I have seen, that's been

.... complete !

For, without you, there's...

No, lovers moon.

No lovers, stars......

That shines at night.

I wrote this song.

For my light has died.

All because....

When you left 


you stole my heart and soul.

Giajl © Jim Love

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Morningglory's picture

Painfuly relatable...

Painfuly relatable...

Copyright © morningglory