Je n'ai se quoi .....

August 2016

Je n'ai  se quoi .....


Who knows......

And I guess I never will.

I don't know of this feeling.

Or, where it comes from.

How it descends to crush.

Or how, it briefly, lifts..... my heart.

A sadness of euphoria, that only those, that have felt it.....


A full-fulness, mere words.... can't, describe, or an emptiness beyond, comprehension.

At times I cry and cannot move.

At times...I can dance, like .....  Bruce Lee. 

The winters winds, they oft bit me, deep.

Freezing my bones,right through.

But, it was a brief, breath of, fresh air. 

A hint of a chill, that that went.... Straight , through...... my soul.

The winds still find me, wherever I hide.

And the sun....

fails to bring warmth, to my being.

My spirit has flown.

All my happiness gone.

Save my memories 

Which are now, fading.

I'll sit by the fire, in the great hall, of, Valhalla.

Where I'll slowly, roast..... my bones

And I'll learn a new song to sing, there .

So, if you're coming.....



Please tell me.

Giajl © Jim Love

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yo this is nice!

yo this is nice! Heartwrenchingly sad, with a tinge of hope to save us all...those breaths always return.