Have You Ever Seen

June 2016

Have You Ever Seen 


If I told story...... Who would listen?

Would it be.....

Of sugar n spice, and all things nice.

Or doom n gloom,

blood tears, 

n death ?

I've kissed beauty, at its best.

I've kissed the clouds, and, 

the broken earth.

But... the sweetest kiss, was yours.

I used to drink, for the craic !

And the madness, that it brought. 

The places that I saw and where I'd been.... Lost within a haze of drink.

Then came, a call to war.

And it all, did change.

I'd never longed, for the sun upon my face, before.

Now it brings back memories, of a childhood past.

You can shrug your shoulders, and sigh.

But the thoughts within your head, will still ....remain.

Just who, exactly.....



the sad man's smile...?

Giajl © Jim Love 

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Sassylass's picture


Very emotive,moving write

take care

keep writing,Koko

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....