Not that I Need, But I'm Having a Drink

June 2016

Not that I Need, But I'm Having a Drink 


For the end of a war.

That happened, four and three decades, ago.

I'm drinking now, with dead, 

and talking softly.... as not to wake, the living.

But then again... I'm all alone.

And dead men, tell.... no, tales.

I only know, wheres, lie the fallen. 

For, those that live, that ever wander.

Those I call my brothers. 

They are scattered, to the winds..... and more!

So who would say....? 

While sitting at a table, in the 

Great  Hall of Valhalla.

That I'm not alone, for.....

The dead, remain ...inside, my.. head.

And  ....,

I can see them 


everyday single day.

Giajl © Jim Love

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Sassylass's picture


I feel this haunting piece.

whether in war abroad or a war here that takes lives of people we are close to ,the damage is irreparable . 

I have nothing ,but prayers for inner peace,yours and mine?

well written sadness


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....