Is it a New Life...

June 2016

Is it a New Life...



I smelt, a hint,of .....promise.

But the bubbles....

Never danced.

The walls, may have, talked ... back.

But hey never once, my, words.

Is a simple smile.

Too much , to ask for?

There's some

We'll... never see, their likes again.

So should I go, and seek a dream ?

Not treading, a previous path.

But searching beyond.... the horizon.

To see fields, and lands anew.

Perhaps, I'll look beyond... blue eyes !

Beyond, that.... that smile.

Sometimes sleep .....

Takes so long, to come.

I often wonder why, I even bother.

I wonder .....whether dreams. 

Are really, 



I truly seek ?

Giajl © Jim Love 

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Like it.

Like it.