Save the Whale, Save the Trees, Save

November 2015

Save the Whale, Save the Trees, Save


Our souls.... 

For they are ours....alone ?

Sometimes, I sit and weep.

Drinking alcohol, to induce, my sleep.

In a world too big, to save .....

There's something's, we share !

But not all, ..... Do..... understand.

The stars at night ,wrong, from right.


And all, their religions !


And his, ambitions !

Pain, lasts a lifetime...

Well at least...... until, you're dead.

So we have to save ourselves.


We oft forget that in life.

We're all, already........ dying.

You.... me..... 



the planet .

Giajl © Jim Love 

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Like this Jim KS

Like this Jim


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Exellent, almost can feel

Exellent, almost can feel emotions