Who's that Knocking at the

November 2015

Who's that Knocking at the 


Gates of Hell ?

Bring it on,for

I've tasted kisses....

Far sweeter, than wine.

I seen eyes that sparkled.

More brightly, than any star!

I've smelled loves scent....

in the early morning air.

Memories, more tangible, than

Mere dreams !

Of sight, and sound,and touch.

A love, 

that consumed..... so, much.

Now lays spent.

At, deaths



Giajl © Jim Love 

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I love the emotion and passion in this writing. It feeds off a good pint of energy and I totally feel it. Being only 16 you probably do not think I know what I am talking about, however oh yes sir I do. I am in highschool and have to write essays,poetry,etc. I've written one like you have in this one. I could say I may be able to take tips from you on how to write. You seem like your older. Would you be willing to message me any tips?

You've gotta pass hell to get to heaven..

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My writing just happens.

i don't consciously set out to sit down and

write a piece about something.

words just happen.


makes the line longer

write from truth, what you feel what you see where you've been.


Paratrooper's don't die........ they go to Hell and regroup!!!