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I Love 


I love you.....

Although, you never will.

No longer can I touch your lips.

As now far away,you've soared.

My tears wash my face,

But Your tears, have burned...

my soul.

I love you,!

For your magic, healed my wounds,

Though you left my heart....deeply..... scarred.

I love you !

Though in the ashes, you now reside.

Where your silence .....

Is only broken,... by my lovers forlorn cries !

I loved you.

From the beginning,of all time.

For your colours filled my eyes ...

I never heard the words.

But I was blinded, by their lies.

You were mine.....

Only for the moment.

But in my dreams.... for all time.

That such beauty,

Could have eyes, so sad.

But burn brighter than sapphires 

Have left with me

A thousand images , and as I dream they 

flash past ......my tired eyes.


I truly loved



Giajl © Jim Love 


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