General Love

You have a way

Of assaulting me

With mischievous seduction

Until you have charmed me.

You have a way

Of abusing me

With provocative flattery

Until I am lured into your trap.

You have a way

Of robbing me

With conniving motivation

Until you steal my breath away.

You have a way

Of stabbing me

With alluring infatuation

Until my heart bleeds for you.

You have a way

Of raping me

With entrancing language

Until I am naked before you.

You have a way

Of killing me

With homicidal love

Until I am yours.

Oh commit your crimes once more.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

jessica... if i proudly say that the poem here is a master piece..I will be not wrong.. assaulting, robbing, abusing.killing, raping and stabbing... you are pretty sure that till you are with him....the crimes will never mean to you.... well done... really well done jessica for the commitment of love to your lover....