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I am a happily married father of a beautiful little girl named Amelia. I work a full time job by day and pursue a musical career the rest of the time.

I grew up listening to Classic Rock and Country music but not really aspiring to be a musician. When I entered High School in Long Beach, MS I was focused on playing baseball but did not get the opportunity and was obligated to join band. I landed in the tuba section where I learned to read music and play with a group. From there I decided to teach myself guitar in order to play bass guitar but enjoyed being able to play along to songs with guitar and sing. During my senior year I began teaching guitar to beginner level students and still teach today. I then attended TCC Southeast Campus in Arlington, TX and studied Music Theory and Ear Training where I honed my skills of reading and writing music. I also performed with the College singers as a tenor and with Jazz band as the bassist. There I bettered my vocal ability and bass playing skills, as well as learned a diverse amount of musical genres. Since then I have been playing, writing and performing in hopes of being able to make music my means of making a living.

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''I feel so important today, and I wish I didn't'' - song 22 seconds by the Goo Goo Dolls


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