Sometimes I get careless when I’m doing the wash and I forget to check through all the pockets.  This may seem harmless because money generally launders well and it’s mostly useless items shoved into a pocket and forgotten.

Occasionally this seemingly harmless oversight can prove to yield highly catastrophic consequences.  I go turn on some music and start grooving to Miles Davis when I am suddenly gripped with a sense of horror.  I stop and think and I realize that I may have made an enormous error.

I check my desk drawer and something’s missing.  I realize that I never put my bag of mushrooms in the drawer.  I check the bureau drawer to and look in a few hiding spots.  It isn’t where it’s supposed to be.

“Oh Shit!”

I go running out to the washing machine and shut it off immediately.  I rummage through my now wet clothing looking for my loot.  I find the now soaking wet baggie filled with my ‘shrooms.  I look at them now sopping wet and likely robbed of their potency.

Tis tragic indeed—an error made that yields horrifying consequences.  This will certainly not enter the annals as one of my finer moments.  It’s a simple second of reckless abandon and we end up paying this enormous price.  It’s a lesson hopefully learned as the price paid is steep indeed.    


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