Sitting on the train and reading a sign advertising the Quiet Ride car.  It turns out some people are so frail they need close to absolute silence on a train ride home from work.  They cite all the rules you must follow.  You damn sure better not make or take any phone calls on this car and make sure you have your handheld device set to vibrate. ( reason to keep it in your pocket close to your groin?)  If you must talk keep your voice to a whisper.  You best not raise a ruckus.  These frail souls might have a meltdown.  Set your radio low enough to not escape your ear plugs.  Funny thing is that I rarely talk when I’m riding the train and I don’t listen to music and I almost always have my phone set to silent.  


And yet suddenly

the shy reticent mute boy

wants to talk and shot


wants to blast AC/DC

wants the whole world to listen






Author's Notes/Comments: 

I ride SEPTA to and from work all week long.

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I use to talk in the

I use to talk in the canyons, 

because it was secluded 

and quiet! Out of knowhere

a man walking by with dogs,

interupts saying " this place

is not a phone booth " 


Quietude is a touchy subject 

but damn! 


Anyhow!!nice writing as always! 

©️Dove 2020

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funny thing is that as soon

funny thing is that as soon as you tell me to be quiet I suddenly want to talk.  thanks for reading.