I do interpretive dance

with words on a page

some fools call it poetry

and I graciously accept the praise

indifferent to any reality

ego inflamed ever willing

to accept the deceit




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I should like to think I am

I should like to think I am not a fool (although I know some might dispute this), but this is Poetry, you are writing.  Its authenticity is obvious, and no deceit enters into the designation.


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We are all (myself included)

We are all (myself included) subject to human folly.  That makes fools of all of us.  But fools often dance deliriously like whirling dervishes uncertain but hopeful of finding some pittance of enlightenment--or some such tomfoolery.

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I agree.  I like the Russian

I agree.  I like the Russian Orthodox concept of the holy fool---it can be extreme (and, when abused, results in freaks like Rasputin). but it also gives a purpose to our foibles and failures.  At this late stage of my life, that is a comfort to me.


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God does protect children,

God does protect children, fools and poets

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And I think I can qualify for

And I think I can qualify for two of those three categories.