And postulating

on poetry

and wondering if

the inspiration

can be found in mown grass

and dry summer nights


as the beer

is no longer


to fire my soul


a green fairie is beckoned

with a belief

in transcendence

or at least

a serious buzz



Author's Notes/Comments: 

musings from the late 90's after trips to Prague allowed for smuggled absinthe to be enjoyed in the Philly suburbs.

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Dalton's picture

Utilizing this comment to

Utilizing this comment to officially declare myself a fan of your poetry. 

georgeschaefer's picture

I thank you kindly.  I am

I thank you kindly.  I am glad you like my material. It makes me think that maybe I haven't been wasting my time these past 40 years.

Stephen's picture

Welcome to the club.


georgeschaefer's picture

again, thank you.  I

again, thank you.  I appreciate your support and kind words.