David Carradine

Memories of Youth

I never really got to tell you
How strong you made me feel
with words of ancient wisdom
spoken softly to the world

your very presence so near
yet so far away unreachable
calmed my deepest fears
even during the darkest nights

you never knew me at all
or how you affected my life
with the pursuit of enlightenment
in an unenlightened world

i was just a nameless face
in a sea of endless faces
yet i felt you reach out to me
every time you rebelled

and though your life
was one of unrest & controversy
trying to relive the psychedelic days
of the revolutionary 60's,

you did not let your desire falter
ignoring the opinions of the world
I still hung on your every word
i admired your freedom

i am sure you have found yourself
among the stars & the heavens
your desire to be yourself
will not be forgotten

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This comment has been deleted.

Gentle is the night♥

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Again I thank you

I am humbled by your compliment. It has been many years since someone has visited my pages.

Thank you so much Valhjim


Gentle is the night♥

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A great human being indeed

David was indeed a great actor and a great human being. I remember watching him on TV and on film. He always transmitted this wisdom and conviction. Your poem does him justice--a heart-felt lyric for someone who made a difference in many people's lives. Thanks for sharing.