Fifty Five Below


fifty five below
It just cannot be
There’s way too much snow
Just look at it blow

It is much too cold
I don’t want to go

It’s blindingly bright
The strong winter winds
Really are a fright
Mean, icy & white

Cool shades are a must
Even at midnight

One full hour to dress
Four pairs of wool socks
Mitts, hat, boots, sweater
For me, nothing less

My hall closet ‘s now
A big cluttered mess

Fifty five below
And I am going out
Six foot high wind drifts
Where is that damn plow

Up to my plaid scarf
In this freaking snow

Last layers, oh no!
Wait! I gotta pee!
Off it all must go
Just go with the flow

All this for the cat
In Alberta’s snow.

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