November 9, 2010
My beautiful Mysty
You are laying in your favorite spot in your basket with a pillow for your tired old body
We have placed you in my room on the bed because it is where your last breath & memories of this world will be the most comforting
Don’t be afraid. I am here with you. There is so much love in the room.
It is time to let you make the journey across the Rainbow Bridge to be with all your friends who have gone before you.
You know, the ones you ruled the moment they walked into your kingdom no matter how long they had been with me before your time, you still became their queen.
Do you remember when you came into my life & immediately took control?
You were just a kitten then & I knew we would be together for a very long time.
I took you home & you saved me from my sorrows.
What a crazy little creature you were, running here & there in the middle of the night.
And me, not having a door to shut out your kitten antics, & you, not hearing me when I tried to call you to rest with me, little deaf one.
Do you remember little girl, how you terrorized that little apartment? Do you remember diving off the balcony & landing in the dirty mess you made because you did not realize the flower box that Heather made, could not keep you balanced?
Do you remember that even when you were so tired, I could still excite you with a little sparkle to chase?
Do you remember the years we became inseparable? That we understood each other because our souls became so deeply intertwined? If ever there was a witch’s familiar, it was you.
If ever anyone could fall into those loving eyes as blue as the sky & never find their way out, it was definitely me.
You, little girl, were my connection to every aspect of the universe. You kept me grounded when no one else could even when I worked too many jobs just to survive.
Yet, at the same time, you kept me responsible as I knew I needed to stay alive to keep you safe & secure.
It was hard for me when you were diagnosed with diabetes, especially, with your beer drinking & lotion eating habits. We certainly learned the hard way that Wildcat was a lousy beer. If you wouldn’t drink it, why should I?
And you were strong & brave. You accepted each insulin injection even though my hands shook nervously until I became adept.
You were my comfort towards the end. You were too tired to leave the bed, so you were always there to accept snuggles & my tummy fusses. You were the perfect Gundt teddy bear – fur so thick & so soft.
I really miss our nose to nose snuffles. You had such a delicate pink nose.
And now, it is truly time to let you go & I just can’t seem to write you a poem like I did for all the other fur babies who have gone before you & I know that is because you were truly special.
Even during your last breaths, you were so brave & even though I didn’t want to let you go, I knew it was time. Who would have thought with all that you & I went through that Leukemia would finally take you down.
You were so exhausted; yet, your heart was so strong. Even the vet said so as it took a whole hour for you to finally say goodbye. I held you as you breathed your last breathe & then you, my darling , my Mystic’s Heart, you crossed over to the green meadows of the Rainbow Bridge to run as you did in your kitten days, to once again rule as the queen that you were on this earth.
As for me, my sweet Mystybeast, I kept putting this all too brief & humble little tale of your life off, because up until today, I have not wanted to let you go & also have to face my own mortality.
You crossed on May 1, which makes that date a new & fresh memory that I will always cherish. You always seemed to know what needed to be healed in my heart.
You made me whole 15 years ago & you are still holding me together to this very day.
I am now letting you go, little queen. It is now time for Precious to rule here on my tiny corner of this planet.
Although you are gone from this land, you will never be forgotten & you will always be my Mystic’s Heart.
Wait for me.
Gather the others & please be there when I get there, so we can all be together again.
I think mom & Dave would have liked you. Can you see them? Please snuggle then for me as I am not ready yet to meet any of you, yet. Actually, I won’t be for a long time, but, when I do, two hearts will be as one again – one mind & one soul.
My beautiful Mysty. I still see you lying in the sun in your favorite place.

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Thank you, Bern

Thank you so much for taking the time to enjoy this piece. She certainly was a special character

I am so glad it brought back memories for your angel kitty, as well.


Gentle is the night♥